Home School of Journalism and Mass Communication Study in Poland for 3 weeks in May 2012

Study in Poland for 3 weeks in May 2012

A new course will offer students the opportunity to travel to study advertising in Poland for three weeks in May 2012.

Students will begin their studies with a historical/political perspective while still in Des Moines. Then they will travel for three weeks exploring ethnographically the evolution of consumerism in Poland. Trips to ad agencies and their clients will be interspersed with lectures at prominent universities. Major blocks of time will be spent in Warszawa (Warsaw), Gdansk and Krakow.

Interested? Contact Prof. Dorothy Pisarski (Dorothy.Pisarski@drake.edu) for more information or to register for the prerequisite course, JMC 076, Ad Principles.


This immersive course will expose and sensitize students to cultural and managerial differences in the practice of advertising, public relations and graphic design in several foreign countries. Includes visits of agencies and advertisers overseas. Taught in English as a summer study seminar during the May Interim.

  • Prereq.: JMC 076
  • Credit hours: 3
  • Levels: Non-Drake, Graduate, Pharmacy, Undergraduate Schedule Types: Off-campus catalog credit
  • Course Attributes: International & Multicultural