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Law School attracts distinguished speakers to Drake

June 12, 2008
photo of Richard Goldsone talking to law student Theresa Hassler
Justice Richard Goldstone visits Drake law student Theresa Hassler after his lecture.

Drake Law School welcomed
a diverse group of prominent speakers to campus this spring. The Law School
aims to bring lawyers, scholars and professionals to speak to and interact with
students to prepare outstanding lawyers who will promote justice, serve as
leaders in their communities and the legal profession and respond to the call
of public service.

Featured distinguished
speakers this spring included:


  • Justice
    Richard J. Goldstone
    visiting professor of law and the William Hughes Mulligan professor of
    international law at Fordham University School of Law. Goldstone played a
    crucial role in the South Africa transition from Apartheid to freedom. 

"The South African
Constitution: The Recognition of Social and Economic Rights," was part of the Constitutional Law Center's Constitutional
Law Distinguished Speaker series. A podcast and video are available online.
 Read more about the center and its
director online.



  • Former Register of
    Copyrights Ralph Oman
    , the Pravel,
    Hewitt, Kimball and Kreiger professorial lecturer in intellectual property and
    patent law at George Washington University Law School.


Oman came to Drake as the
first speaker of the Intellectual Property Law Center's Distinguished Lecture
in Copyright law. His lecture was titled "The Role of the U.S. Copyright
Office." Read more about the center and its director online.

The Federalist Society
also sponsored a panel discussion on "America's Treatment of Terror
Detainees," which featured:


  • Gordon Allen, visiting professor of law at Drake University,
    former legal director for the Iowa affiliate of the ACLU and former deputy
    attorney general of Iowa

  • Angela Campbell, visiting professor of law at Drake and a former
    assistant federal public defender who represented four Guantanamo Bay detainees

  • Michael Lewis, assistant professor of law at Ohio Northern
    University and a graduate of the Navy's "Top Gun" school who
    specializes in terrorism law


A podcast of the
discussion is available online.

The annual Constitutional
Law Symposium focused on "The Forgotten Constitutional Amendments."
The featured speakers were:


  • Daniel Farber, the Sho Sato professor of law, director of
    environmental law, University of California, Berkeley School of Law

  • Randy E. Barnett, the Carmack Waterhouse professor of legal theory,
    Georgetown University Law Center

  • Kurt Lash, the W. Joseph Ford fellow at Loyola Law School,
    Los Angeles

  • Michael Kent Curtis, the Judge Doland L. Smith professor in constitutional
    and public law, Wake Forest University School of Law

  • Rebecca Zietlow, the Charles W. Fornoff professor of law and
    values, University of Toledo College of Law

  • David Bogen, professor emeritus of law, University of Maryland
    School of Law


A video and podcast of the
symposium are available online.
 For more information about the Constitutional Law
Center and its director, visit the Web site.