ITS Alert

Thank you for your continued patience as ITS worked to troubleshoot the Panopto/Blackboard embedded video issue.

At this time neither Panopto nor Blackboard have been able to identify the root cause of the issue. We can state that this issue is not campus-wide, as neither Panopto as a service was affected, nor did the error occur in a large number of courses in Blackboard. However it is clear that smaller subset of courses on campus we’re affected by a vendor-driven change in early February.

While we remain in contact with both vendors, at this time the recommended workaround is to re-add the affected Panopto videos to your courses. Again, the videos have not been removed, edited, or altered from Panopto, and are still available via the Panopto CMS directly or through our Blackboard LMS. Instructions for adding Panopto videos are available on the ITS Knowledge Base at

Please feel free to contact the ITS Support Center by calling calling 515-271-3001 for assistance, or visit the ITS service portal (, or click the ITS Support button on myDrake) with any questions, comments, or concerns about this issue.

Thank you.