The third cohort of students to receive recognition for making service a priority during their college experience was announced today by Drake University’s College of Business. Ten undergraduate and graduate students performed and recorded at least 20 hours of community service during the Fall 2022 semester, as well as provided a reflection regarding how this volunteerism will impact their experience moving forward. These ten students performed a total of 236 hours of community service throughout the fall semester.

The students named to the Fall 2022 Dean’s Honor Roll for Social Impact include:

  • Keri Anderson
  • Madison Briden
  • Adam Ehler
  • Duke Frye
  • Jackson Hill
  • Lily Overstreet
  • Sophia Preys
  • Caroline Schultz
  • Marguerite Stoffel
  • Matthew Williams

“Our students’ outstanding community service reflects their recognition of the value of volunteering,” said Alejandro Hernandez, dean of the College of Business and Public Administration (CBPA). “We know that students who volunteer emerge with higher self-esteem and increased resilience, and I am glad that service is part of how we prepare them for personal and professional success.”

Each semester presents a new opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to be named to the honor roll by performing at least 20 hours of community service and reflecting on their experiences. Students are encouraged to join Drake’s community service tracking platform, DUGood. The Dean’s Honor Roll for Social Impact section on the CBPA website contains instructions and a QuickStart guide with information on how to join and log impacts.