CPHS Student Reflects on Journey at Scholarship Luncheon

During the 10th annual Scholarship Luncheon on November 15, Husein Mehmedovic, P2, shared more than a meal with the benefactors that made his life-changing scholarship possible. He shared his journey in life and reflected on how he ended up at Drake University.

Mehmedovic escaped the Bosnian genocide with his family when he was only 4 years old. Mehmedovic’s family retreated to the United States without any possessions and found their way to West Des Moines, Iowa. This harrowing journey eventually led him to the labs of Drake, where he has completed research while pursuing a doctorate in pharmacy.

Mehmedovic is the 2018 recipient of the Verdun Pharmacy Leadership Scholarship. The scholarship was created by Drake alumni, Patrick, PH’84, and Annette, FA’85, Verdun. The scholarship provides financial support for pharmacy students who are from rural communities or have diverse backgrounds. The couple has invested in three scholarships to provide significant support to Drake pharmacy students.

“The scholarships I received at Drake were particularly meaningful given my family’s path to Iowa and my goals for my education,” Mehmedovic said. “While things can come and go, the education one gains cannot be stolen from you.”

Mehmedovic’s next journey after he completes his PharmD? Completion of a Ph.D. and a pharmaceutical research career. Thanks to the generosity of donors like the Verduns, students like Husein Mehmedovic can take the journey to fulfill their dreams.