The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at Drake University proudly supports National Women Pharmacist Day, held on October 12. Pharmacy is becoming one of the top career choices for women, and the statistics prove it. From 1983 to 2012, the presence of women in the field has doubled, rising to 54% from 27%.

This year, an impressive 65% of PharmD students at Drake University identify as female. Drake University is also home to the Nu Chapter of Lambda Kappa Sigma, the nation’s oldest professional fraternity which focuses specifically on women in pharmacy. The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is proud to support our Lambda Kappa Sigma chapter and their efforts in promoting the advancement of women in the profession.

To name a few of the countless female leaders who are products of Drake’s Pharmacy programs:

  • Maxine Beatty- Recipient of the Prestigious 2002 Weaver Medal of Honor
  • Melissa Corrigan- First director of the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board
  • Susan Lutz- Previous IPA President, Pharmacy co-owner, NABP item writer
  • Patty Kumbera- Co-founder of Outcomes and current Chief Operating Officer of Prescribe Wellness
  • Crystal Lennartz- Vice President of Pharmacy for McKesson
  • Kristin Williams- Chief Health Officer for Hy-Vee

These are just a few examples of the women who strive to balance their lives while making a positive impact in their communities each and every day.