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Meet a new CPHS Bulldog: Dr. Mike Daly

Dr. Mike Daly


Michael Daly, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Informatics

Dr. Daly earned his Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Nebraska, BS in Biology at Creighton University, Pharmacy Practice Residency at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, and MS in Clinical Investigation at Washington University’s Clinical Research Training Center Postdoctoral Program. He was most recently Pharmacy Clinical Manager at the SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital. Prior to that, he was the Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice, St. Louis College of Pharmacy with a site as the Internal Medicine Clinical Pharmacist/Faculty at Missouri Baptist Medical Center, St. Louis, MO. Mike is based at The Iowa Clinic Internal Medicine Clinic in West Des Moines.

What is your role at Drake and what drew you here?

My position focuses on pharmacy informatics and involves a unique collaboration with The Iowa Clinic. The learning environment is highly conducive for effective learning about relevant topics such as clinical informatics, population health management, accountable care organizations, and value-based care. Over the course of the informatics rotation, students analyze large datasets of patient information to identify opportunities to improve healthcare quality and reduce medication costs.

I was drawn to this position because I believed it would afford me the opportunity to delve into those previously mentioned topics that are becoming more and more important in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Beyond the innovation of the position, I was also drawn to Drake because of my professional relationships with alumni of Drake’s College of Pharmacy. Drake has an outstanding reputation among pharmacy schools, and the graduates that I had previously interacted with were well prepared for their roles and had a strong foundation on which to build. In addition, my wife grew up here and still has family in the area. I am originally from Omaha, and it has been wonderful to come “home.”

What excites you most about being here?

The students that I have worked with so far have displayed a high level of energy and enthusiasm for learning that really excites me about being here! They are ambitious to learn and establish an educational foundation on which they can achieve their professional goals. Their thirst for knowledge has provided extra motivation for me to continue to develop my own knowledge and skills so that I can challenge them to deliver their best work.

You started at Drake this school year, what sticks out so far?

It was exciting to start around the time that the new STEM building was completed. There is a lot of excitement and enthusiasm around the construction that is taking place right now.

How would you describe your teaching style?

I would describe my teaching style as that of a facilitator or mentor. I facilitate situations or exercises in which students can learn through application of knowledge and skills. During or after the experience, I try and challenge the student(s) to reflect on their attitude(s).

If you had one piece of advice for current or prospective students, what would it be?

Spend time reflecting on and developing their attitudes. So much focus seems to be placed on developing knowledge and skills, but in my experience, these are not the primary determinants that help students stand out and be successful. Throughout my career, I have consistently found that those individuals who have developed attitudes such as humility, gratitude, and personal responsibility tend to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Have you taken a picture with a Bulldog yet?

Not yet.

Favorite spot on campus?

I love to play tennis, and the Roger Knapp Tennis Center is a fantastic place to play!

What Drake tradition are you looking forward to experiencing?

The Drake Relays.