Home School of Journalism and Mass Communication SJMC Monday Memo | Nov. 23, 2015

SJMC Monday Memo | Nov. 23, 2015

Seniors gear up for spring capstones

Advertising and public relations seniors have been laying the groundwork this semester to take on campaigns for their capstone clients in the spring. The ad seniors will tackle a project for agriculture giant DuPont Pioneer. The PR students are working on promotional campaigns for  the Iowa communities of Perry and Manning, supported by a grant from the Iowa Economic Development Authority. Digital Media Production, News and Magazine Media students will collaborate for the second year on a multimedia website.

Sign up for mock interviews

Mock interviews for SJMC students are offered the next two Mondays. Students may sign up electronically here:

On Monday, Nov. 23:


On Monday, Nov. 30:


What you need to know and do:

  • Add your interview time to your calendar right NOW and show up!!
  • Interviews are 20 minutes and include resume review
  • Your interview will be with a professional, although it can’t guaranteed that he/she will be someone in your field/discipline
  • Interviews are held in Meredith Hall.  Check in at the table in the Meredith breezeway 5 minutes prior to your interview
  • Dress up like a real interview!
  • Bring your resume (optional: portfolio)
  • You will be evaluated and get a copy of your evaluation sheet
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule email carlyn.crowe@drake.edu so she can inform your interviewer
  • Say thank you! These professionals (about 15 people) are volunteering their time to come to Drake to help you!

If you have questions contact:

Carlyn Crowe
Meredith 120

Happy Thanksgiving!

Safe travels and have a wonderful holiday break.

— The Faculty and Staff of the Drake SJMC