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Bell publishes article on drug treatments for ear infections


Edward Bell, professor of pharmacy practice at Drake University, recently published an article concerning the proper use of medicines that are applied into the ear.

Bell’s article: “Ototopical Antibiotics: When Should They Be Used?” was published in the April 2014 issue of Infectious Diseases in Children, a monthly print publication with a circulation of more than 55,600. The publication is one of many produced by Healio.com, a provider of health care news and information, and published by SLACK Incorporated.

Bell’s article, which also appears online, contrasts the use of otic antibiotics against the use of oral alternatives (those antibiotics applied by mouth) in the treatment of children. The article summarizes effectiveness, proper administration, cost, clinical practice guidelines, and other variables related to the application of these products.

“Ear infections are very common in children, and there are different types that require different drug treatments,” Bell said. “Recently, national guidelines have been published about these therapies. This article summarizes these, and other guidelines and discusses their implications for prescribers.”