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Drake Law student named New Leaders Council Fellow

New Leaders Council (NLC) is an organization, formed in 2005, dedicated to training and supporting the next generation of progressive political entrepreneurs. To accomplish this, NLC recruits “emerging leaders from outside of the traditional power structures, engaging them on both local and national levels, and equipping them to be civic leaders-not only for elective office, but also in their communities and workplaces.”

Recently, Nicole Rommero, a Drake Law School 2L, was named a New Leaders Council fellow and is currently attending meetings one weekend each month where she learns about different aspects of political entrepreneurship such as fundraising, communication, and political management.

Rommero’s cohort includes 18 individuals from various diverse and exciting backgrounds and each is paired with a mentor that is aligned with the fellow’s career and/or professional goals.

“It is very empowering to be surrounded with young professionals that are passionate about improving their community, city and state through social and political advocacy and leadership. New Leaders Council has not only strengthened my advocacy and leadership skills, but also has opened my eyes to other ways of developing a strong civic, community and political infrastructure,” stated Rommero.

Rommero is following the footsteps of fellow Drake Law 2L Dakota McRae, who completed the program with Drake Law School alums Alana Stamas LW’11, Lynzey Tharp LW’09, Andrea Diaz LW‘07, and Nathaniel Boulton LW’05 in 2011.