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New Law School Research Papers Legal Studies series

Drake University Law School recently started a Law School Research Papers Legal Studies series within the Legal Scholarship Network in an effort to reach out to peers in the field and to publicize the work of Drake Law faculty.

The series features legal scholarship in all subject areas from faculty members, visiting scholars, affiliates and students of the Drake Law School. The eJournal is part of the Social Science Research Network (SSRN).

Mark Kende, director of the constitutional law center, hopes that the legal studies series will allow a larger national and international audience to see and learn from the scholarship produced by Drake Law faculty. “More than a few faculty here are doing cutting-edge legal research on a variety of fascinating topics,” said Kende. “In addition, this institution is renewing its commitment to producing and publicizing such scholarship.”

Kende also wants to emphasize the work of new faculty. “We have a cadre of new and talented faculty who deserve to have big audiences,” he says.

Although it is difficult to measure the success of the series thus far, Director of Drake’s Intellectual Property Law Center Peter Yu says that it will bring Drake Law out of “best kept secret mode” and into the eyes of the national and international law community.