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Get to Know: Jared McCarty, 24

Jared McCarty, the School of Education's coordinator of graduate admission, introduces himself and his work to the community in this interview. "It is my personal mission to display the unmistakable value of education "” specifically professional studies through a private, liberal arts university."


Drake students help with Rwanda project

Senior Carol Kim and May graduate Johanna Desprez spent much of the summer in the Gishwati Forest in Rwanda, where the Des Moines-based Great Ape Trust runs a chimpanzee research and reforestation project. They designed their own project and did their own field work.


Balancing the budget

The Drake University College of Business and Public Administration, in partnership with the Des Moines Register, hosted Principles and Priorities, a budget-reduction exercise that gave community members a chance to learn about the policymaking issues involved in federal spending and try their hand at slicing through the national debt.


Evidence for Residence

In September, Judge Joel Novak accepted active judge senior status after 32 years on the bench serving Polk County's Fifth Judicial District. Three months later, he moved into his new office in Drake Law School's Neal and Bea Smith Legal Clinic.

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