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Learn over the lunch hour with the DUSCI math and science lecture series

The fall 2011 Drake University Science Colloquium Series features Drake faculty discussing thought-provoking science and math topics. This fall, seven different professors representing numerous disciplines will discuss their research:

  • September 9: Christopher Kliethermes, assistant professor of psychology; “Food deprivation increases behavioral responses to ethanol: Evidence for common genetic underpinnings?”
  • September 23: Brian Gentry, assistant professor of pharmacology; “It’s about time: The development of two compounds for the treatment of human cytomegalovirus”
  • October 7: Abebe Mengesha, assistant professor of pharmaceutics; “Improving delivery of chemotherapy to invasive glioma cells using stimuli-sensitive monoglycerides”
  • October 21: Marc Busch, assistant professor of biology: “Developing tools to identify genetics of host restriction of Influenza A virus”
  • November 4: Adina M. Kilpatrick, assistant professor of physics and astronomy; “Calmodulin regulation of the calcium channel ryanodine receptor: biophysical experiments and biological implications”
  • November 18: Xiaoyi Shan, assistant professor of health science; “Parents’ child-feeding attitudes and practices regard to overweight among Chinese young adolescents”
  • December 2: Steven Lancaster, assistant professor of psychology; “Trauma and mental health: Thinking beyond PTSD”

Presentations begin at noon in room 206 of Olin Hall, 1344 27th St. Events in the fall lecture series are free and open to the public.

The series is sponsored by the Drake Undergraduate Science Collaborative Institute (DUSCI). Initiated in 2005, DUSCI promotes a culture of scholarship among students and faculty in science and math. Consistent with Drake University’s mission, DUSCI actively supports collaborative student/faculty research experiences, strives to increase scientific literacy, and provides opportunities to engage the larger community in science and math.

For more information about the series, contact Maria Valdovinos at 515-271-2847 or maria.valdovinos@drake.edu.