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Cowles SuperSearch: Search you can trust.

 Bringing the ease of web searching to scholarly resources, Cowles SuperSearch provides a single-search interface for nearly 100 key databases, the Library Catalog and Drake E-scholarshare (the University’s institutional repository holding theses, dissertations, faculty publications and more.) SuperSearch includes a carefully configured feature set and adds a locally-created customization that allows users to jump from SuperSearch to the native search interface of each database with a single click.

   SuperSearch BannerStudents and researchers who use SuperSearch can have confidence in the quality of results returned for their search that is not possible with a general web search engine: “search you can trust.” At this writing, Cowles SuperSearch is accessed from the Library home page (http://library.drake.edu/) and Blueview Libraries tab.

   Additional databases, a variety of scholarly web resources, a number of subject-specific instances of SuperSearch (e.g. “SuperSearch Education,” “SuperSearch Business,” and “SuperSearch Pharmacy”,) and even more Drake-specific content will be added in the coming months.