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Adult Literacy Center Tutoring Training

Drake University’s Adult Literacy Center is looking for volunteers to tutor adults learning to read. 

For those who are interested in tutoring, there will be training two training sessions: 

  • Friday, Jan. 8 — 5-8 p.m.
  • Saturday, Jan. 9 — 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Both sessions will be held in room 213 of the School of Education, 3206 University Ave. Tutors must attend both sessions since they are consecutive. 

“The center’s waiting list is growing because in today’s economy, adults with low literacy skills find it very difficult to find jobs,” said Anne Murr, coordinator of the Drake University Adult Literacy Center. 

“Tutoring an adult is a way to have a direct and positive impact in another person’s life and, indirectly, in the lives of families,” Murr added. 

Murr said the experience offers many benefits for both teachers and students. 

One volunteer said, “I have really gained a different perspective on the complexities of getting through daily life by seeing the struggles my student has faced as a challenged reader. It is satisfying to see my student gain skills and confidence. It is very fulfilling to contribute to the life of another person.” 

For more information and a tutor application, visit the Literacy Center’s Web sitehttps://wwww.drake.edu/soe/projects/adult_lit_center.php or call Anne Murr at 515-271-3982.