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Dean Lovell presents lectures at Chinese universities

Russell Lovell, associate dean and professor of law, presented lectures at three Chinese universities as a “Foreign Expert” during May and early June.

He also worked on developing student and faculty exchange opportunities at Chongqing Jiaotong University, Chongqing University, and South West University of Law & Political Science.

Reports of Dean Lovell’s visits and lectures are described on both the Chongqing Jiaotong and South West University of Law & Political Science websites.

Professor Russell Lovell of Drake University Gives an Academic Lecture to students of the School of Finance

English translation:
Sponsored by the School of Finance and the West China Traffic, Economic, and Societal Development Research Center, the academic lecture “A Comparative Study on the Employment Promotion Laws of America and China” was delivered on May 26th at 3 PM in room 30502. The main speaker of the meeting was Drake University (USA) Law School Vice Dean Professor Russell Lovell. Over 120 students from the School of Finance attended the meeting with raptured attention. The meeting was hosted by Prof. Yang, Economics Department, and simultaneous translation was given by Prof. Wang Huilin of the Accounting Department.

During the talk, Professor Russell Lovell deeply analyzed and compared the differences between the employment promotion legal systems in America and China, introduced the legislation, implementation, and enforcement of the employment promotion laws in America and China, and also specifically introduced the policies of the American government against employment discrimination (ex: racial discrimination, age discrimination, sex discrimination, etc.) while vividly describing some classic legal cases, all of which helped us all to better understand the similarities and differences of America and China’s employment promotion-related legal measures. Professor Russell Lovell used both a humorous and solemn speaking method allowing the meeting’s atmosphere to be naturally relaxed but also maintain proper decorum, thereby employing a successful method for the execution of the meeting.

Soon after taking a round of questions, Professor Russell Lovell spent some time communicating and meeting students. Professor Russell Lovell provided a serious and thoughtful response to every question, with questions ranging from problems in the American African-American community, comparison of American and Chinese government policies towards retirees, finding jobs for university graduates, and studying in America. He also combined his answers to these questions with expressions of his own hopes for university students. Professor Russell Lovell’s lecture was based on well-documented and extensive evidence and deep with rich meaning; it won the thunderous admiration, laughs, and applause of all attendees.

The lecture ended with an active atmosphere. After the conclusion, many students seized the opportunity to interact, talk, and take pictures with Professor Russell Lovell. Each and every student expressed how extremely happy they were to participate in such a fantastic lecture.

American Drake University Law school Vice-President Professor Russell Lovell comes the school visit

English translation:
On June 1st and 2nd, Drake University Law School Vice Dean Professor Russell Lovell conducted a 2-day visit of our campus. During his visit, Prof. Russell Lovell discussed exchanges between our two schools with officials of the Foreign Affairs Office as well as the Stillwell International School at SWUPL. The two sides conducted active and extremely successful discussions of student and faculty exchanges, short- and long-term cooperative exchange programs, and the deepening scope of our schools’ cooperation. Prof. Russell Lovell also gave an academic lecture at the Yubei Campus entitled “U.S. Laws Prohibiting Discrimination in Employment: A Comparison of US and Chinese Law”, as well as participating in a roundtable discussion with School of Civil and Criminal Law faculty at the Shapingba Campus.

During his visit, Prof. Russell Lovell also met with faculty from the Legal Clinic and they discussed methods of teaching and learning. Drake University is unique in the field of teaching practical legal education, receiving the 2008 American Bar Association’s Gambrell Prize for innovative curriculum.