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Drake Writers and Critics Series to host Drake Writers’ Night

photo of Fred Arroyo
Fred Arroyo

CONTACT: Lisa Lacher, 515-271-3119, lisa.lacher@drake.edu;

Jennifer Perrine, 515-271-4161, jennifer.perrine@drake.edu

Drake Writers Night will conclude the fall semester of Drake University’s Writers and Critics Series, sponsored by the Drake English Department and The Center for the Humanities. The event, which is free and open to the public, will begin at 7:00 p.m. Thursday Nov. 29, in the Medbury Honors Lounge in Medbury Hall, 2730 Forest Ave.

Drake faculty, staff and alumni are invited to share a poem, piece of short fiction or drama, or a short essay of their own composition or by their favorite author. Participants have 10 minutes to present their piece to the audience.

The event is hosted by Fred Arroyo, assistant professor of English at Drake, who recently joined the department this semester. He grew up on the East coast in a bilingual community, and then his family moved to the Midwest, where he says his sense of language, identity and place became defined and, strangely, more fleeting.

“I often feel, even with multiple graduate degrees in writing, that I’m still learning how to tap into the potency of words,” said Arroyo, a published writer who earned his doctorate in English from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

For more information about the series, contact Jennifer Perrine at (515) 271-4161 or jennifer.perrine@drake.edu.