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DU in the News

Thrifty White’s Feldman spots a problem

Anne Feldman, a 2016 graduate of the Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, advocates for federal changes that would allow pharmacists to provide enhanced patient care.
Pharmacy Today

Studying ethics, 'Star Trek' style, at Drake

Students in a First-Year Seminar at Drake University are studying ethics through the lens of "Star Trek." Drake alumnus Daniel Finney, a columnist for The Des Moines Register, has the story.
The Des Moines Register

5 things that explain Trump's stunning victory

Tony Gaughan, professor of law at Drake University Law School, provides five theories for why President-elect Donald J. Trump vastly outperformed the polls and pundits on Election Day.
PBS NewsHour

Examining violence against law enforcement officers

Ken Meyer, the Thomas F. Sheehan Professor of Public Administration at Drake University, drew on decades' worth of research into violence against police officers during this live interview with Iowa Public Radio.
Iowa Public Radio

The biggest difference between Trump and Buffett on taxes

Stephen Gara, director of the Drake University School of Accounting, penned an op-ed piece that contrasted the tax philosophies of billionaires Donald Trump and Warren Buffett.

Victims' families wrestle with grief as they weigh the death penalty on the ballot

Nancy Berns, professor of sociology, contributes to a discussion of how the death penalty factors into the healing process for families who are seeking justice.
Los Angeles Times

5 steps to minimize your risk of diabetes

June F. Johnson, professor of pharmacy practice at Drake University, outlines five steps for minimizing your diabetes risk.
The Des Moines Register

Millennial voters cast ballots early in Iowa

More than 500 members of the Drake community cast their ballots during a day-long opportunity for early voting on the campus.

Character Counts Week highlights positive stories of Iowa

Every year, the Robert D. and Billie Ray Center at Drake University hosts CHARACTER COUNTS! Week in Iowa.
Radio Iowa

How one university enticed a world-famous rapper to stop by campus at 2 a.m.

Drake, the chart-topping rapper, visited Drake University after students campaigned for years to attract the musician to campus.
The Chronicle of Higher Education

'FiveThirtyEight' gives Trump 61.8 percent chance of winning Iowa

Rachel Paine Caufield, associate professor of political science, says Trump has an advantage in Iowa, in part because Democratic voters were divided by a contentious primary between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.
Radio Iowa

Memetics and the science of going viral

Shontavia Johnson, director of the Intellectual Property Law Center at Drake Law School, authored this explanation of why "Who Let the Dogs Out," Grumpy Cat, and similar web crazes gain traction while other trends and ideas quickly fizzle out.
The Conversation US

Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Renae Chesnut, dean of the Drake University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, spoke with Pharmacy Careers about the college’s learner-centered teaching, opportunities for diverse experiences, and advice for graduating students.
Pharmacy Times

Cortical Visual Impairment in children

Cortical visual impairment (CVI) is the leading cause of visual impairment in children in developed countries. Jayna Fischbach, assistant professor of occupational therapy, co-wrote this piece on how occupational therapists can help identify CVI.
Advance Healthcare Network for OT Practitioners

The tattoo on your body might not really be yours

A recent spate of lawsuits involving celebrities, athletes, and even small business owners makes it clear—the tattoo on your body may not belong to you. Shontavia Johnson, director of the Intellectual Property Law Center at Drake University Law School, discusses this developing area of law.
Michigan Public Radio