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Drake faculty accompany Michael Cavanaugh

December 11, 2015
Music Department Chair Clarence Padilla

Music Department Chair Clarence Padilla

On Saturday, Nov. 7, the Des Moines Symphony accompanied Michael Cavanaugh on the music of Billy Joel at the Des Moines Civic Center. Cavanaugh was personally picked by Billy Joel to play him in the Broadway hit musical “Movin’ Out.” Drake faculty performing with the symphony that night were regular members Clarence Padilla (clarinet), Bob Meunier (percussion), Jennifer Bloomberg (oboe), Sue Odem (oboe), Tim Gale (bassoon) and Ashley Eidbo (double bass). In addition, faculty members Leslie Marrs (flute), Jim Romain (sax), and Dan Peichl (horn) joined as substitutes and extras giving Drake nine musicians who played at that concert.