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Drake celebrates August new hires and September anniversaries

September 4, 2014

August New Hires:

Matthew Haynie, Athletics Assistant, Athletic Trainier
Jonathan Purvis, Athletics Assistant, Athletic Trainier
Jordan Grindeland, Athletics Intramural Coordinator
Heidi Acton, Residence Life, Residence Hall Coordinator/Coordinator of Student Wellness Education
Bryan Thomas, Academic Services/ Student Success Coordinator, Student Success Programs
Cole Steffes, Environmental Health & Safety, Environmental Specialist
Maria Rohach, Study Abroad/Service Learning, Global Learning Coordinator
Ellen Schiltz, Athletics Administrative Assistant
Teresa Krejci, Finance and Administration, Associate Vice President of Finance
Stacey Waters, DTS Manager, IT Client Services
Heidi Weiss, I Have a Dream Foundation, Administrative Assistant
Gayle Alberda, Arts & Sciences, Visiting Assistant Professor of Politics
Danielle Boaz, Arts & Sciences Assistant Professor, LPS
Andrew Bryant, Business & Public Administration, Assistant Professor of Marketing
Yiqing Chen, Business & Public Administration, Associate Professor of Actuarial Science
Carlyn Crowe (to full-time), Journalism & Mass Communication, Visiting Assistant Professor of Journalism
David Herzog, Arts & Sciences, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Laura Kieran, School of Education, Assistant Professor of Special Education
Sarah McCoy (to full-time), Arts & Sciences, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
Thomas Maienschein, Arts & Sciences, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Lourdes Gutierrez Najera, Arts & Sciences, Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Timothy O'Neill, Arts & Sciences, Visiting Assistant Professor of History
Zia Rehman, Business & Public Administration, Assistant Professor of Actuarial Science
Jeanette Tran, Arts & Science, Assistant Professor of English
Neil Ward, Arts & Sciences, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
Alexandria Budd, Arts & Sciences, Laboratory Assistant – Biology
Nalina Thandayuthanpany (to full-time), Head Start, Home-Based Teacher
Heather Isaacson, I Have a Dream Foundation, Dreamer Academy Program Director
Joshua Wells, Public Safety, Security Specialist
Carmalee Woods, Pharmacy & Health Sciences, Administrative Assistant
Caitlin Hooge, Athletics Assistant, Athletic Trainer

September Anniversaries: 

Toma Anthony, Head Start
Lisa Bailey, Head Start
Sentwali Bakari, Provost's Office
Gretchen Beckley, International Programs
Stephanie Besch, Head Start
J Kara Blanchard, Dean's Office, Law School
Sanda Blazevic, Maintenance/Custodial
Robert Boarman, Alumni and Development
Sonja Brightwell, Residence Life
Paul Clancy, IT Application Services
Margaret Corkrean, Dean's Office, Arts & Sciences
Rachel Dakarian, Alumni and Development
Debra Dodge, School of Education
Kristin Dunn, University Communications
Caron Findlay, Finance & Administration Office
Jordan Flynn, Cowles Library
Denise Ganpat, International Center
Thomas Gaskill, HVAC
Sheri Gavin, Dean's Office, CBPA
Dennis Graham, HVAC
Angeline Hartman, Alumni and Development
Rondolyn Hawkins, Legal Clinic
Mehmed Jakupovic, Maintenance/Custodial
Matthew Johnson, Office of Admission
Debra Kem, Student Financial Planning
Annique Kiel, International Affairs
David Kozlowski, Athletics
Laura Krossner, Cowles Library
Scott Law, Public Safety
Gloria Lawless ,Student Life Center
Laura Linn, Office of Admission
Jane Lynch, Undergraduate Admission
Christine Marchand ,Provost's Office
Ryan Martin, Athletics
Jillian McDowell, Head Start
Raynette Meyers, Alumni and Development
Josettee Mills, Maintenance/Custodial
Julia Moats, Head Start
Emilia Moreno Maintenance/Custodial
Anthony Mosher, Public Safety
Alysa Mozak, Student Life
Alicia Munoz Martinez, Maintenance/Custodial
Melissa Nord, Counseling Center
Sevala Omanovic, Maintenance/Custodial
Jolene Ostbloom, Athletics
Michael Perin, IT Infrastructure Security
Paula Peterson, Maintenance/Custodial
Karen Pomeroy, Dean's Office, CBPA
Jose Quiles-Ortiz, Maintenance/Custodial
Salvador Roman, Maintenance/Grounds
Richard Selden, Student Accounts
Molly Shepard-Robinson, School of Education
Jayne Smith, Sponsored Programs
Leanne Smith, Athletics
Karey Sowden, Head Start
Pamyla Stewart, Residence Life
Dennis Weigel, Campus Mail Operations
Donna Woodard, IT Application Services