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Drake Law professor to deliver keynote speeches on China's technological rise in Australia

June 27, 2012

Peter K. Yu, Kern Family Chair in Intellectual Property Law

Peter K. Yu, Kern Family Chair in Intellectual Property Law at Drake Law School, will deliver keynote addresses on China's rise as an innovative power at the University of Technology, Sydney and the University of Melbourne in Australia on July 19 and 20.

His speeches will draw on research conducted for his recent Campbell Law Review article, "The Rise and Decline of the Intellectual Property Powers." The article is available online.

Yu will discuss how China is at the cusp of crossing over from a pirating nation to a country respectful of intellectual property rights. He will also outline the potential challenges and unintended consequences brought about by the dramatic improvements China will experience at this crossover point.

The two-day conference at which Yu will speak, “The Rise of Innovative China: Implications for the Region,” is organized by the Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia. Instead of re-examining the challenges to enforcing intellectual property rights in China, the event will focus on the country's rapid emergence as a powerful and highly innovative nation.

John Brumby, the former premier of Victoria (2007-2010) and an independent director of Huawei Australia, and Philip Noonan, the director general of IP Australia, will headline the conference. In addition to Yu, the event will feature distinguished Australian and Chinese speakers drawn from a wide range of business, law, economics, and policy backgrounds.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Yu is a preeminent expert on Chinese intellectual property law and policy. He serves as the founding director of the internationally renowned Drake Intellectual Property Law Center, which has been consistently ranked by peers among the top 25 intellectual property law programs in the United States.

An award-winning teacher and a prolific scholar, Yu is the general editor of the peer-reviewed WIPO Journal, published by the World Intellectual Property Organization. He has delivered lectures and presentations in more than 25 countries, and his scholarly publications have appeared in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.