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Drake Law School launches new online journal

Drake Law School launches new online journal

The Drake Law Review has launched its new online publication, Drake Law Review Discourse.

The mission of Discourse is to provide current legal knowledge regarding topics that are highly relevant to all members of the legal community. Discourse is a platform that caters to shorter, more opinionated works than its print counterpart, Drake Law Review.

The intended audience of Discourse is current law practitioners and students who have an interest in understanding changes and developments in the law. Through essay-style works and case commentaries, Discourse provides practitioners, scholars, and students with up-to-date information that could positively affect their work.

“The electronic platform provides many features that the print edition could not,” says Brad McIntyre, online editor for the Drake Law Review. “It allows for easier, immediate access to important, current legal analysis and commentary.”

The Law School hopes that this publication will be useful to many audiences not only around Iowa but around the country as well. To do this, Discourse will publish articles that are Iowa-specific and that are of national and international importance. The first two articles, focusing on Iowa business law and international intellectual property law, are just the beginning of the wide range of topics the online publication will cover. The Law School hopes to publish one or two articles each month.

“Discourse is important in expanding the reach of the Drake Law Review,” McIntyre says. “It is a great complement to the print publication and will offer a whole new style for readers.”

The journal is now available online at https://wwww.drakelawreview.org/.