During the annual Health Professions Day (formerly Pharmacy and Health Sciences Day), held on February 23, 2023, the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences presented several awards to faculty members who demonstrated outstanding teaching, mentorship, scholarship, and professional involvement over the past year within their fields. Nominations for the awards are sought from students and colleagues alike from within the college.

Maggie Fiala, director of external experiential external affairs, received the inaugural CPHS Staff Member of the Year award. This award was created to recognize the work of one individual who has gone above and beyond in their work to help the College fulfill its goals and mission. 

Cheryl Clarke, assistant dean of clinical affairs, director of experiential education, and professor of pharmacy practice, was named the Hartig Distinguished Professor. This award recognizes a pharmacy faculty member who has distinguished him or herself in teaching, scholarship, service, or practice. 

Rachel Allen-McHugh, assistant professor of occupational therapy, was honored with the C. Boyd Granberg Professional Leadership Award. This award is given to a faculty member who is committed to professional organizational leadership – both for themselves and among students.  

John Rovers, Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Health Sciences, and John R. Ellis Distinguished Chair of Pharmacy Practice, was honored with the Richard Morrow Transformational Leadership Award. This award recognizes a faculty member whose transformational work has gone above and beyond. Transformational leaders focus on team building, motivation and collaboration with colleagues to accomplish change for the better. They identify a needed change, create a vision to guide the change through inspiration, and execute the change through collaboration.  

Maggie Fiala, Staff member of the year poses with dean of the College, Renae Chesnut.
Maggie Fiala accepts inaugural Staff Member of Year Award from CPHS dean Renae Chesnut.
Cheryl Clark, Hartig Distinguished Professor, poses with dean of the College, Renae Chesnut.
Cheryl Clarke accepts Hartig Distinguished Professor Award from CPHS dean Renae Chesnut.
Rachel Allen-McHugh, C. Boyd Granberg Professional Leadership Awardee, poses with dean of the College Renae Chesnut.
Rachel Allen-McHugh accepts C. Boyd Granberg Profesional Leadership Award from CPHS dean Renae Chesnut.
John Rovers, Richard Morrow Award recipient, poses with dean of the College Renae Chesnut.
John Rovers accepts Richard Morrow Transformational Leadership Award from CPHS dean Renae Chesnut.

The College’s Student Governance Association announced the following teaching and mentoring awards:  

Yolanda Griffiths, professor of occupational therapy, CPHS Teacher of the Year 

Mark Vitha, Windsor Professor in Science and Professor of Chemistry, non-CPHS Teacher of the Year (not pictured)  

Nate Newman, associate professor of athletic training, CPHS Mentor of the Year 

Sally Haack, professor of pharmacy practice and pharmacist at Primary HealthCare Pharmacy , CPHS Preceptor of the Year