ITS Alert

ITS has received numerous reports over the past week of multiple phishing scam variants circulating around campus. Most of them reference job opportunities or impersonate ITS staff and include links that compromise the security of your Drake account, often including language to scare you into clicking the risky link. Do not click the links or reply to the sender of the message. ITS is diligently working toward a resolution. 

If you have mistakenly clicked a link or fallen victim, visit the Password Manager site as soon as possible and change your password. Do not use your Drake password for any other accounts. 

When you receive a suspicious email, report it to ITS and our staff will investigate. Follow the instructions in this article to notify us: 

To receive outage notifications by text, opt in by texting DrakeITS2020 to phone number 226787. You first need to be signed up to receive Bulldog Alerts by text. Check at Bulldog Alerts Settings in myDrake.