As we previously noted, ITS is upgrading the campus phone system and moving faculty and staff to using Microsoft Teams for calling in early 2021. The Microsoft Teams client will replace traditional handsets and allow faculty and staff to make and receive telephone calls using their office extension from anywhere they are connected to the Internet. 

To prepare for this change, ITS will be distributing headsets to employees who haven’t already received one. If you haven’t received a Qualtrics survey request via email and haven’t already been issued a headset, please let us know by submitting a Telephone Issue request. 

Headsets will be distributed through campus mail prior to the Thanksgiving break and can be used for online meetings and internal calls before the phone system changes next year. 

Because we know you have questions about the transition and what it means for calling, we’ve launched a FAQ page at  

If you don’t see your question, please share it at and we will contact you with a response and will add it to the FAQ when appropriate.