SJMC Friday Memo | April 17, 2020

Congratulations to our top scholars!

We can’t celebrate on campus this spring, but we’d like to offer virtual applause all this week to the winners of the annual SJMC awards and scholarships. Each day, we will publish the names of the students who have been recognized for their academic achievements, hard work, skills and enthusiasm for the craft of communication.  Today we recognize the top scholars of the Drake School of Journalism and Mass Communication Class of 2020!

 SJMC’s top scholar Class of 2020 – Kayla Garrigan, Lorien MacEnulty (tie)
The graduating senior with the highest overall grade point average

Kappa Tau Alpha Kayla Frances Garrigan, Benjamin A. Heinze, Tess Julien
National honor society dedicated to the encouragement and recognition of outstanding scholarship for students majoring in journalism or mass communication

Goldwater Scholar and Rhodes Scholar finalist – Lorien MacEnulty

Congratulations to everyone listed above and to our graduating seniors!

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