To ensure the continuing digital security of our students, faculty, and staff, we are making several changes to our password creation process beginning today.

These changes are as follows:

  • Starting today, the initial birthdate-based password that new students, faculty, and staff receive will ONLY work to log into the Password Manager site ( Only after creating a new more secure password and setting up their password recovery questions will they will be able to access other Drake online resources (myDrake, wireless networks, etc.). If someone is locked out because of an unchanged password, they must contact the support center at 515-271-3001 for assistance.
  • To clarify the initial birthdate-based password we have changed the format from MmmDDYYYY! (example: Jan011997!) to MmmDD#YYYY (example: Jan01#1997). The Password Manager will continue to accept either of these formats for the time being.

Strong passwords are a key defense against phishing and other online attacks. You are required to change your Drake password annually, but you can change it more frequently. Learn more at Changing your Password (How-to).