In March 2018, ITS implemented a change within the University’s email system, placing a label at the top of the message body for all emails coming from non-Drake senders. Designed to help recipients pay attention to the source of incoming messages and reduce the likelihood of compromise, it has made a noticeable difference in our security awareness efforts. 

Over time, however, the label has become increasingly inconspicuous, and we’ve received feedback that it blends in with the email body. 

On July 7 we’ll be updating the look of the label with different wording and color for better prominence. Examples of the new label are shown below. 

Screenshot of preview label text for external email
Example of new external email tag--red bold text with asterixes

As a reminder, email labeling is an automated process that does not examine message content, only the message sender. This labeling does not indicate whether a message is malicious, it just informs recipients that message is not from a Drake sender. Every email you receive, especially those from unknown senders and/or containing links or attachments should be carefully reviewed before acting. 

Please contact me with any questions, at

— Peter Lundstedt, ITS