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Have you tried out myDrake?

Have you tried out the new internal campus portal, myDrake? Visit my.drake.edu, your new gateway to campus information, resources, and functions. You’ll see links to the tools you need regardless of your campus role(s).

Once you sign into myDrake, your login credentials will be shared with additional applications. ITS staff is working on connecting as many campus systems as possible with single sign-on (SSO), so the number of systems that require an additional login will continue to decrease.

Not sure where to get started with using myDrake? Visit the IT service portal guides or the myDrake FAQs.

blueView will remain into the fall semester, but we hope that you’ll make the switch to using myDrake today.

Questions? Feedback? Email Carla Herling, IT communications manager, or Jeff Regan, myDrake project manager, or complete the feedback form.