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Blackboard Migration Planned from December 23-27, 2017

Rest assured that during this migration we are not heading south for the winter… Blackboard will be migrating to a different kind of environment without much change to our users.

In order to complete the migration, Blackboard will be unavailable between December 23 and 27. Please be sure to plan accordingly for this migration timeline. After the system is available, faculty may once again generate course materials and finish their preparations for J-Term and spring courses.

Our move to Blackboard’s SaaS (Software as a Service) will make new tools available and position Drake University to provide better online offerings for years to come. The planned migration from managed hosting, which is housed on Blackboards servers, to SaaS, hosted on Amazon Web Services data centers, will occur during winter break to have the least amount of impact.

Once the migration takes place, we will continue running the current experience on Blackboard known as version 9.1. By moving to SaaS, we gain some major benefits from the new environment which will also allow us to make future upgrades and patches to our environment with little to no downtime.

–Karly C. Good, Ph.D., Learning Management Specialist