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A New Chapter for Drake Chapters

The fraternity and sorority houses on Drake’s campus have become living monuments to the impact of alumni involvement. The diverse collection along 34th St. has undergone many changes over the past few years, and almost every alteration is the result of the work and financial support of past graduates.

“It’s commendable because alumni have their personal lives but they continue to spend a lot of time with these chapters,” said Kerry King Jordan, director of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

The time and resources they invested have led to many small updates and changes over the past few years, as well as significant remodeling efforts, including:

  • Phi Delta Theta: Most of the renovations and updates done to Drake’s fraternity and sorority houses have been supported at least in part by alumni. For Phi Delta Theta fraternity, the remodel was funded entirely by a single alumnus. The interior of the house was extensively renovated thanks to this generous gift from a Phi Delt brother. The work was completed in summer 2015. 
  • Phi Gama Delta (FIJI): FIJI made changes from the inside out, funded by contributions by alumni. Members
    renovated the first floor of their house and made some big changes to the exterior that refreshed the look of the aging home. The house transformed its plain white exterior to a more modern gray with added brickwork.
  • Alpha Delta Pi: This sorority chapter is one of the newest additions on campus. The members of ADPi have temporarily lived in an old fraternity house since 2010 but recently took steps toward getting their own address. Currently, the sorority does not have a chapter house, but construction of a new home began this fall at 3330 University Ave., and should be complete by fall 2017.
  • Theta Chi: Theta Chi has undergone the most dramatic change. In fall 2015, the fraternity tore down their century-old house and rebuilt from the ground up. Familiar white pillars again frame a front entrance, but the rest of the new, two-story home has an entirely new look—dark brick, gable roofline, extensive landscaping, and a bright red door. 

What’s your chapter up to? Visit the Drake University Fraternity & Sorority Life homepage  to locate individual organization websites.