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Drake SJMC embraces vertical video

In a move sure to have a ripple effect across the entire industry, the Drake School of Journalism and Mass Communication announced today that it will now teach students to shoot and edit video entirely in a vertical format.

“The numbers for vertical video are trending up,” said Dean Kathleen Richardson. “Do we want our students to be a part of something trending up or down? That’s a no-brainer.”

Indeed the rise of Snapchat and Periscope have changed the video landscape. It’s more natural to watch vertical videos on your phone. Traditional news outlets such as the Washington Post are embracing vertical videos.

Jeep ran a vertical video commercial during the Super Bowl.

According to Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends report, vertical viewing has increased fivefold, from a mere 5% in 2010 to 29% in 2015.

Watch this video to learn why and how the SJMC is going all-in on vertical.

And Happy April Fool’s Day 2016!

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