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School of Education Graduates Make a Difference in Ghana

Two School of Education graduates have made their home in Ghana.  Mary Stang, BSE ’15 and Anna Suminski, BSE ’15 are moving to the village of Askiuma to help locals get the school up and running.  They are working with Kingdom Cares Community School.  The KCC School recently opened in January, 2015 and has over 200 students.

Mary and Anna have been providing updates via a blog.  The alumnae reported that they “spent their first two weeks getting to know the 32 children living at the mission center. Their time was filled with reading lots of books, playing games, and getting to love the kiddos. During these two weeks, we also had the chance to meet with the headmaster and teachers of the school and take part in some training. School started yesterday and we have spent the past two days observing the teachers and students. Today we started putting together a game plan of how to best model effective teaching, specifically with Reading/English and Math.”