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TECH Talks Scheduled

The doctoral class, Technology and Leadership, will be putting on TECH Talks from 9:00 a.m. until noon on Saturday, October 17 in the Sussman Theater on Drake University’s campus. These TECH Talks are modeled after the popular TED Talks though the focus will be specifically on technology and leadership. Each talk will be 10 minutes or less but provide valuable information regarding each topic reviewed. These student presentations are the culminating project for the class that will be both insightful and inspirational.  If you are interested in hearing some or all of these talks please stop in and enjoy.

Here are a few of the topics for the TECH Talks:

  • Training or Technology: Which first to facilitate change?
  • Insights on Technology Adoption: Do we need a blueprint?
  • How Open Educational Resources are changing Education.
  • The Importance of Technologies to assess Student Learning.
  • Are Millennials best to lead Technology Initiatives?