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Local writers invited to “Story Slam” fundraiser for Drake Community Press

The Drake University Community Press is teaming up with the Chicago-based literary journal 3elements Review to sponsor an open-invitation “Story Slam” contest at 7 p.m. Thursday, February 5, in Mars Café, 2381 University Ave.

Local writers may enter to compete in two contest categories, both of which offer cash prizes. The event is open to the public; proceeds from a recommended $1 donation will benefit the Drake University Community Press.

For the first contest category, participants may read a five-minute story, prepared in advance, that contains three theme words for the July 2015 issue of 3elements. The words are miasma, simmer, and whimsy. In the second category, called “Story Slam,” contestants are assigned three words at random on the night of the contest and have 30 minutes to prepare a five-minute story.

There is a $10 entry fee for contestants. Winners from both categories will win a cash prize, and second-place finishers will receive a $15 gift certificate to Mars Cafe.

The winner of the category for writers who brought manuscripts in advance will be published in the July issue of 3elements Review, a Chicago-based literary journal founded by 2010 Drake alumna Mikaela Shea, the journal’s editor-in-chief.

For more information please contact Carol Spaulding-Kruse at carol.spaulding@drake.edu.

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