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CPHS Faculty and Students Awarded in Fall 2014 Semester

Recent Faculty & Student Awards and Publications

Recent Publications:

  • Craige Wrenn published a paper:
    C.C. Wrenn, A.M. Heitzer, A.K. Roth, L. Nawrocki and M.G. Valdovinos, Effects of clonidine and methylphenidate on motor activity in fmr1 knockout mice, Neuroscience Letters 585 (2015) 109-113.
  • John Rovers and Aaron Beck, P3 student published a manuscript:
    John Gitua, Aaron Beck and John Rovers, Quality and Stability of artemether-lumefantrine stored under ambientconditions in rural Mali, Malaria Journal 2014.

The College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences was well-represented at the Des Moines University Research Symposium, held on December 4, 2014.  The following awards were received:

  • Selected for oral presentation:  Biosynthesis of MBX-2168 Triphosphate in Herpes Virus-Infected Cells
    Hannah Sauer, Marie Nguyen, Brian Gentry
  • Best poster award, undergraduate biomedical division:   Identification and Sequencing of the GSTP1 Gene and Transcript(s) in Dogs
    Keller Toral and James Sacco
  • Best poster award, undergraduate movement science division:   Effects of a Pre-Exercise Supplement on Anaerobic Power and Blood Lactate Levels in Males and Females
    Bradley Duwe and Kimberly Huey

Other posters presented at the event:

  • Pharmacological Enhancement of Anti-Viral DNA Polymerase Inhibitors via Reduction of Endogenous Nucleoside Triphosphates
    Joseph Zieminski, Laura Vollmer, Brian Gentry
  • DNA Polymerase Inhibitors Enhance the Anti-Viral Effect of Terminase Inhibitors When Used in Combination Against HCMV
    Mary Shea O’Brien and Brian Gentry
  • Effects of VEGF Loss on Muscle Hypertrophy and Growth Factor Responses Induced by Functional Overload in Mice
    Christopher Lee, Ellen Breen, Kimberly Huey

Congratulations to our outstanding students and faculty!