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Leadership Development Program to offer Webinar Series

Drake University’s Master of Science in Leadership Development, in partnership with the Iowa SHRM Council, is launching a Webinar Series.  This series will feature webinars on various topics addressed by our program such as leadership, personality, competency development, human resource management, training and development, and higher education.  Go www.drake.edu/leadership/resources/webinars/ to register for any of these webinars.

Find the Performance Cure: A Guide to Human Performance Improvement
Wednesday, June 18, 12 pm CDT
Professor Julie Caspar

This session will introduce you to the 5 phases of Human Performance Improvement explaining how HPI is a data driven, evidence gathering process, and why employing HPI principles within your organizations will increase the likelihood of accurately solving problems the first time around.

Open the Doors to Certification
Wednesday, June 25, 12 pm CDT
Wednesday, December 10, 12 pm CDT
Professor Cris Wildermuth

This session is for you if you are interested in learning more about the certification process, including preparation and test taking tips!

Would you Hire you? Personality Diversity and Recruitment Bias
Wednesday, July 16, 12 pm CDT
 Elizabeth Reneker

The presenter will share her findings from her graduate Capstone Research project on the relationship between the personality of human resource professionals, specifically those rating candidates, and the personality of preferred candidates. Further, the presenter will share the preferred personality traits of training and development professionals.

360 Degrees of Learning
Wednesday, August 13, 12 pm CDT

Learn about pros and cons of 360 degree assignments, best practices around the design and use of 360s, the essential elements of an effective 360 program, The Johari Window as a basis of the 360 Survey, research findings on raters and feedback, and the Human Resource Optimization Model, which relates Performance and Personality Trait infrastructure.