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distinctlyDrake campaign exceeds $155 million

distinctlyDrake campaign exceeds $155 million

Drake University’s distinctlyDrake campaign recently exceeded $150 million in collective support. The $200 million capital campaign, which launched in 2010, was designed to propel the University to its place as one of the nation’s best institutions of higher learning.

“While distinctlyDrake has always been more about the impact of contributions on our students and faculty than a dollar goal, exceeding $155 million is a significant milestone,” says John Smith, vice president of alumni and development. “ All associated with Drake are deeply appreciative of the charitable investments and strong endorsement of literally thousands of enthusiastic contributors.”

Since the campaign launched, more than 30,000 donors have contributed to the campaign with 42 gifts of $1 million or more. The campus has been transformed thanks to $30 million in gifts for new or renovated spaces, and nearly $11 million for interdisciplinary centers. Additionally, the University has seen an increase in scholarship resources as well as resources for faculty development and endowed faculty positions.

“The $155 million in gift commitments is providing transformational change,” says Smith. “Moving forward, distinctlyDrake will continue to focus on supporting key areas of impact and fostering a culture of philanthropy at Drake University.”

A few of the many ways Drake University has been transformed as a result of the distinctlyDrake campaign are outlined below.

New or Renovated Spaces:
• The Cline Atrium
• Cartwright Hall
• Drake University Archives in Cowles Library
• The Lila and Richard Sussman Theater (formerly
Bulldog Theater)
• Cowles Library After Hours
• The Patty and Fred Turner Jazz Center
• Quad Creek Café
• Dozens of classrooms and laboratories, including the Johansen Skills Assessment Laboratory and the Lacy Organic Chemistry Laboratory
• Basketball Practice Facility (recent groundbreaking)

Interdisciplinary Centers:
• The Principal Financial Group Center for Global Citizenship
• The Harkin Institute for Public Policy and
Citizen Engagement
• The Buchanan Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

Student Scholarships:
• Nearly $28 million received for financial assistance for
worthy students
• More than 100 new scholarship funds

Faculty Development:
• More than $25 million acquired to enhance teaching
and learning
• New endowed faculty positions and chairs created in areas, including magazine journalism, jazz studies, and ethics

For more information, contact John Smith, vice president for alumni and development, at 515-271-2969 or john.smith@drake.edu.