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Larry Katzen, inside Arthur Andersen

Larry Katzen
Larry Katzen

“Going to Drake, you learn more than what they tell you in the classroom. You learn about life, and growing up, and becoming independent. Drake taught me a strong lesson—to always do the right thing.”

Larry Katzen, BN’67, author and former Drake University Board of Trustees member for more than 20 years, tells all in his latest book And You Thought Accountants Were Boring: My Life Inside Arthur Andersen.

Katzen spent 35 years at Arthur Andersen, one of the largest accounting firms in the world that was brought down by false governmental accusations in 2002. In his book, Katzen shares the untold story of the firm’s indictment, how he and his wife found balance in raising quadruplets, and how his Drake education got him through some of the best and most challenging times of his life.

“It’s an entertaining, not technical book. It’s about relationships and experiences in life—some humorous and some major crises,” says Katzen.

Throughout his lifetime, Katzen has shared in many ups and downs as a businessman, entrepreneur, and family man. But, two things have remained the same—he’s always had his Drake sweetheart, Susan, ED’68, by his side, and he’s always remained committed to doing the right thing.

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“As the firm was shutting down, 85,000 individuals had to find new jobs,” says Katzen. “Despite my career ending, I focused all my efforts in trying to get everyone placed in new jobs. I did what I thought was right.”

Katzen says Drake provided him with a solid personal and professional foundation of which he credits much of his success.

“I loved my experience at Drake and the relationship I’ve continued to have with the University,” says Katzen. “For 35 years, I had to get up, move, travel—serve clients in some of the largest, most demanding settings—and raise four kids. I would’ve never had the opportunity to work in a challenging and stimulating environment like Andersen if it weren’t for Drake and the connections it provided me.”