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Adult Literacy Training Huge Success

Drake University’s representation in the recent Adult Literacy Center volunteer tutor training was the largest-ever. Four Drake students, two Drake staff/faculty and four Drake graduates attended the Friday evening, all-day Saturday September 6-7 tutor training. Since class size is limited to 15, two-thirds of the new ALC@DU volunteers come from the Drake community.

Drake students have the opportunity to engage in a personal one-to-one teaching experience as well to learn about diversity of a different kind. Anne Murr, ALC@DU Director, comments to Drake students that you probably take your learning advantages for granted. In contrast, adults who enroll in the Adult Literacy Center have learning struggles that have influenced all their life circumstances.

“Adults are so grateful for Drake’s participation in and support for the Adult Literacy Center. Becoming a better reader is changing their lives!” Murr exclaims.