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New Statewide Online Education Job Posting System

The Iowa Department of Education recently announced the launch of a new online education job posting system, TeachIowa.gov, which simplifies the process of connecting teaching candidates with job openings, makes hiring and applying for jobs more efficient, and reduces costs. The system is provided at no charge to users.

TeachIowa.gov allows candidates to view all education job listings in Iowa and to upload their individual profiles for employers around the state to see. The system also reduces paperwork because job candidates will no longer be expected to fill out an application for each job opening.

TeachIowa.gov displays all job listings in public schools, area education agencies, and participating nonpublic schools, as well as positions at the Iowa Department of Education and at the Board of Educational Examiners. Individuals can apply for jobs through an online application process.

In the past, schools lacked one marketplace to connect with and recruit teachers and other employees. TeachIowa.gov broadens and diversifies the pool of job candidates statewide. This gives school administrators the tools they need to choose the right candidate for a teaching position.

Schools eventually will be able to verify quickly that a job candidate is properly licensed and endorsed because the system will be tied to state education licensing information.
TeachIowa.gov reduces costs and saves money for school districts and AEAs to direct to other educational needs.

The system is part of the Teach Iowa Initiative, a component of the 2013 education reform law that aims to attract top talent into the teaching pipeline.

TeachIowa.gov is managed by the Iowa Department of Education and the Board of Educational Examiners.

For more information, please visit TeachIowa.gov or contact Marietta Rives at marietta.rives@iowa.gov or 515-281-6038 or Julie Carmer at julie.carmer@iowa.gov or 515-281-7144.