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Leadership Courses Open

There is still time to pursue a Master of Science in Leadership Development (MSLD) at Drake University this fall. Students can take up to 7 credit hours as a non-degree seeking student.  Students thus have the opportunity to try the program before officially applying. The following courses might be of interest:

MSLD 242: Living, Learning & Leading in the 21st Century (September 6-7, September 20-21, October 11-12)

This course serves as an introduction to graduate study in the MSLD program. You will learn about the MSLD Leadership Competency model, discuss the relationships between personality and competency development, assess your own strengths, and complete a personality and a 360 assessment.  Professor Julie Caspar.

 MSLD 243: Moral Leadership (October 18-19, November 15-16, December 6-7)

This course explores the particular ethical challenges faced by leaders.   Through processes of shared inquiry, we will explore the theoretical foundations for making ethical choices and examine workplace implications.  In particular, we will emphasize the nature of moral and ethical leadership, review and critique our professional Code of Ethics, and discuss best practices for developing moral leaders. Professor Cris Wildermuth.

 ALOP 253: Organizational Development and Leading Change (September 6-7, September 20-21, and October 11-12)

This course will focus on organization development and change leadership.  Topics include definitions and foundations of organization development, organizational culture, organizational systems, and the practice of adaptive leadership. Professor Cris Wildermuth.

 ALOP 247: Adult Learning (October 25-26, November 15-16, December 6-7)

This course will focus on implications of andragogy to training and development professionals.  Topics include deep level change and Kegan’s “Immunity to Change” model. Professor Tom Westbrook.

 ALOP 263: Designing Learning Interventions (October 4-5, November 8-9, November 22-23)

This course provides an overview of how to plan and design effective learning experiences for adult learners.  Topics include writing instructional objectives, selecting appropriate training methods, designing games and simulations, and applications of technology and web 2.0 to face-to-face and distance learning. Students will develop their own “theme based” workshops involving accelerated principles. Professor Cris Wildermuth.

For additional information, visit the website, www.drake.edu/leadership or contact Dr. Cris Wildermuth at cris.wildermuth@drake.edu or 515-271-4701.