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Meet Jerry Gallucci: Drake’s First-Ever Diplomat-in-Residence

Jerry GallucciJerry Gallucci, retired U.S. foreign service officer and U.N. peacekeeper, packed his bags this summer and moved from Washington, D.C. to Des Moines to serve as Drake’s first diplomat-in-residence.

Funding for the new faculty position came from the R.W. and Mary Nelson Institute for Diplomacy and International Affairs.

“It’s very rare that you see people looking for a retired foreign service officer,” says Gallucci. “The fact that Drake was specifically looking for that person leaped out at me.”

At the University, Gallucci will serve in a variety of capacities in order to promote and enhance Drake’s mission of preparing students for responsible global citizenship.

Beginning this fall Gallucci will teach three courses, mentor and advise students who wish to pursue careers in international public affairs, give public lectures on campus and in the community, assist with implementation of the Nelson Institute Undergraduate Conference on Global Affairs, and provide advice on internationalization of the University. Gallucci will also collaborate with faculty on shared research interests and serve on the University’s International Advisory Board.

“I’m really excited about the courses I’ll be teaching,” says Gallucci. “This fall, I’ll be teaching a peacekeeping course. During 25 years in diplomacy and another five doing peacekeeping with the U.N., I had the opportunity to learn a good deal about approaching issues of war and peace—how do you intervene, how do you get out of it, the moral requirements, the responsibility to protect. I find it fun and hope students will too.”

Gallucci will teach two classes in the spring as well: one on the intelligence process and national security, and the second on Latin America, where he spent several years with the State Department.

“My perspective comes from working inside foreign affairs and peacekeeping. Not only theoretical, but practical,” says Gallucci. “I look forward to taking this into the discussion, but I also look forward to learning from my students and colleagues. I believe a professor has the responsibility to present all sides of a situation and to not enforce judgments but instead explore with students and colleagues the various elements of a situation. Truth is multifaceted. One doesn’t understand anything when you are only looking at things one way. I’m excited to explore these topics together.”