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Middle school students attend App Camp at Drake University

On Monday, June 10, Drake University will kick off two, weeklong App Camps for middle school students. Participants will learn the basics of computer science through the development of Android application software in a series of interactive activities.

“One of the main goals of the camp is to plant some seeds amongst the younger generation that learning about technology can be fun, not intimidating,” says Tim Urness, associate professor of computer science and coordinator of the App Camp. “It’s been my experience that people often have a misunderstanding of what computer science really entails. I think there is a stigma around the discipline that it is too technical, too geeky, intimidating and unattractive, but this camp shows that computer science is fun.”

The U.S. Department Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that software developers will have a tremendous job growth over the next decade. Urness suggests we need more people with technical skills to meet the future demand, which is why Drake has created a camp that targets the younger generation.

The camp has been designed to create a relaxed and friendly learning environment for participants. Students will utilize a series of online videos and tutorials that allow them to follow instructions at their own pace. The students will also participant in interactive, team-building activities and have opportunities to explore Drake’s campus.

The camps will run through June 21. For more information, contact Tim Urness at 515-271-2118 or timothy.urness@drake.edu.