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Adult Literacy Center Seeking Tutors

The Adult Literacy Center strives to improve the quality of adults’ lives by helping them learn to read, write and comprehend.  The Center is staffed by volunteers who are dedicated to literacy and community outreach.

Does this describe you?  If so, the Adult Literacy Center is offering a two-day tutor training on April 12 and 13.  Tutors work one-to-one with an adult who wants to improve their reading and writing skills.  This is an opportunity to have a direct, positive impact on another person’s life.  Volunteers tutor for 1 1/2 to 2 hours a week, each week, at the Adult Literacy Center, located in the Drake University School of Education, or in area libraries.

At the training you will learn more about

  • Causes of reading difficulties
  • How to plan and conduct a tutoring session
  • How to use the instructional materials

One tutor stated, “I gain as much from this experience as my student does.  It is rewarding to see tangible results from my student’s hard work and intelligence.”

For more information about the Adult Literacy Center, visit the Adult Literacy website.  For more information about the tutor training, contact the Adult Literacy Center Coordinator, Anne Murr at 515-271-3982 or anne.murr@drake.edu.