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Schneider to lead off Humanities Colloquium Series

Joseph Schneider, the Ellis and Nelle Levitt Professor of Sociology at Drake University, is the first featured speaker in the fall Humanities Center Colloquium Series. He will deliver his lecture, “Whitehead’s Philosophical Constructivism: An Aesthetic Causality” on Sept. 14 in the Medbury Honors Lounge at 3:30 p.m.

In his talk, Schneider will examine the readings of Alfred North Whitehead, an English philosopher. Drawing on Isabelle Stenger’s reading of Whitehead and on selected object-oriented scholars, Schneider’s lecture aims to describe Whitehead’s view of the world as experiential, aesthetic, and causal.

Schneider came to Drake University in 1970 after receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa. His main areas of current research, writing, and teaching are cultural theory, masculinity, and science and knowledge studies. He has written a number of articles and books, including Donna Haraway: Live Theory.

For more information on the Humanities Colloquium Series, contact Timothy Knepper, interim chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religion, at 515-271-2167 or tim.knepper@drake.edu.