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Drake pharmacy professor publishes book

Edward Bell, professor of pharmacy practice, will release his new book, A Parent’s Guide to Children’s Medicines, in September 2012.

In the book, Bell addresses issues surrounding medications administration and children. He hopes this book will answer many parents’ questions and concerns about giving medicine to their children.

“I wrote this book as I have found over the years that parents are naturally concerned about giving medicine to their children and at times the information they base their concerns on is not medically accurate,” Bell explains.

This 184-page book covers a wide range of topics that will help parents weigh the benefits and risks of medicines. It includes descriptions of medicine for treating fever, infection, and common illnesses as well as practical tips on measuring, flavoring, and administering liquid medicines. Facts about vaccinations and medicine safety and a frequently asked questions section are also featured. Other chapters discuss specific illnesses and their treatment, such as infections, asthma, attention deficit disorder, and diarrhea.

“I have strived to make the book practical,” Bell says. “I included other information such as how to tell if an Internet site discussing medicine is accurate and trustworthy, how to properly store medicine, and facts about breastfeeding mothers using medicine, among other topics.”

“Throughout the book I discuss how parents can think about balancing the potential benefits of medicines along with their side effects,” Bell says. “For example, parents are often concerned about giving medicine to infants and children due to a fear of side effects.”

A Parent’s Guide to Children’s Medicines, published by the John Hopkins University Press, will be available in bookstores Sept. 6, 2012.