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Senior artwork to be displayed at Anderson Gallery

Senior artwork to be displayed at Anderson Gallery

The artists will showcase a variety of painting, drawing, sculpture and installation work, including intimate pencil drawings and large-scale, color-laden installations.

O’Connell is a painting student and student-athlete. Using an abstract aesthetic, his work focuses on politics and pop culture, centering on self-introspective themes and their global applications.

Pierce-Cramer’s work is consumed by the idea of process. The pieces she will exhibit explore processes of unraveling and interrupting dreams as an attempt to communicate their purpose, not only for the viewer but for the creator as well.

Jaworski presents work dealing with everyday life and how one’s perspective of the world shifts from childhood through growing-up and what it means to enter the “real world.” Her work uses realistic and playful imagery to investigate why and how our views of reality go through these transitions.

Lutz’s work explores structure versus chaos and what comes first through large-scale paintings and drawings.

“Verge” is the first of two senior thesis exhibitions that will close out the academic season at the Anderson Gallery. The Anderson Gallery is open Tuesday through Sunday, with hours from 12–4 p.m. The gallery now offers extended hours on Thursdays, from 12–8 p.m. “Verge” closes on Friday, April 20.

For more information please contact Heather Skeens, director of the Anderson Gallery, at 515-271-1994 or at heather.skeens@drake.edu, or visit the gallery website at www.artsci.drake.edu/andersongallery