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DU in the News: November

Drake keeps track of how faculty, staff, alumni and students are making an impact in the world. Catch the latest Drake media mentions in the “DU in the News” section, linked off the Drake home page. Recent highlights*:

On campus: Drake’s cutting-edge lab excites pharmacy students

November 12, 2011:  Des Moines Register

A remodeled floor in Drake’s pharmacy building includes incubators, cells frozen in a liquid nitrogen tube used for DNA samples, genetic sequencers and computers that give students hands-on research capabilities.

Drake fund-raising campaign on track despite breaking the rules

November 10, 2011: Inside Higher Ed

A story about the strategy for the distinctlyDrake campaign positions the University as a potential thought leader. “Despite rejecting almost all of the conventional practices of a modern comprehensive fund-raising campaign, the university is in relatively good position.”

Iowa’s Recycling Winners

November 9, 2011: Talk of Iowa — Iowa Public Radio

Jonathan Rosenbloom, Drake University assistant professor of law and Blue is Green committee member, talks about Drake’s recycling program and the importance of sustainability initiatives.

Health professional profile: Dr. Steven Faux

November 9, 2011: Des Moines Register

Dr. Steven Faux, associate professor of psychology and neuroscience at Drake University, says a neuroscience degree is an interdisciplinary one with applications to many areas, including biology, psychology, pharmacy, philosophy and linguistics.

New Drake University program helps grow community-based food systems

November 8, 2011: Des Moines Business Record

The Drake University Center for Professional Studies is offering a new program to teach local leaders how to develop and maintain effective community-based food systems. The program is five weekend sessions spaced between Dec. 9 and Feb. 24. Attendees are encouraged to enroll for the entire program but have the option to attend selected weekend sessions.

Bill Kelly: Split-second decisions

November 4, 2011: Des Moines Business Record

Drake Law alumnus and Des Moines attorney Bill Kelly calls his one-year deployment to Afghanistan “the most complex legal problem” he has ever handled.

Personalized Medicine on The Exchange

November 4, 2011: Iowa Public Radio

Pramod Mahajan, associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences, talks with Iowa Public Radio host Ben Kieffer about personalized medicine technology that allows doctors to use the right medicines for the right patients at the right time — and the ethical and cost considerations of unlocking the secrets that lie in our DNA.

Iowa’s strength in financial services

November 3, 2011: Nightly Business Report

The Nightly Business Report on PBS covers Iowa’s economy, including a brief interview with Drake University President David Maxwell. (Segment starts at 7:20)

Law Students Face Higher Consequences Online

November 3, 2011: U.S. News and World Report

An applicant’s online persona may have a greater impact on their admission to law school than in other disciplines. Caroline Bettis, a third-year law student at Drake, says that while she doesn’t blame prospective students for being wary about admission officials checking social media profiles, “it’s not practical to say admission counselors should divide your online personality from who you are in real life.”

Young leaders have stepped up in Dawson, “giving back” to the west central Iowa town

November 3, 2011: Family Living

Dawson, Iowa Mayor Colton Morman, a 20-year-old sophomore at Drake University, has decided not to seek re-election because his government duties are crowding his study time. When he was first elected, the 18-year-old high school student made international news.