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Law students make Halloween Hoops a success for nearly 300 children and parents

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Basketball contests appeal to children of all ages.

Drake’s 17th annual Halloween Hoops celebration on Oct. 28 was a rousing success again this year.

Children ages 3-12 showed off their costumes, played a variety of games and consumed a total of 70 pizzas along with cotton candy, apples and soda pop. Each child left the event at the Bell Center with a bag of candy donated by all of the law students.

Check out the children’s costumes and activities by viewing an online photo gallery.

Drake law professor Russ Lovell and Drake basketball legend Dolph Pulliam hosted the free event, which is co-sponsored by the Drake Law School Student Bar Association and the Des Moines branch of the NAACP. Also assisting with the celebration were volunteers from Delta Theta Phi professional law fraternity and Equal Justice Works along with Public Service Scholars and members of the Asian Pacific American Law Student Association.

“Dolph and I just set the party in motion each year, but more than 30 of our law students do all the heavy lifting,” Lovell said. “The Des Moines NAACP and the Law School’s Student Bar Association each provide $500 in funding, and Associate Athletic Director Mike Cigelman and the Bell Center provide the venue. ”

“It is wonderful to see the wide eyes of the children when they arrive at the Bell Center and see the Halloween decorations on the gymnasium walls, hear the Purple People Eater and other silly and spooky music,” added Pulliam, Drake’s director of community outreach. “It’s so much fun to hear their laughter as the children go from face painting, to the fishing game, to twister and hula hoops, to musical chairs and to the pinata ‘big event.'”

“Dolph and I just have a great time with the kids and their parents,” Lovell said. “The little kids really love Dolph and I enjoy welcoming and schmoozing with as many of our guests as possible. It is special that Drake puts on such a party for the neighborhood, plus Dolph’s great contacts bring kids from far and wide.

“With the possible exception of Drake’s International student events, I have seen no event on campus that is so diverse. We think it creates a lot of good will for Drake, and we wouldn’t be surprised that many of the children will remember the good time when they are choosing a college.”